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Boutinot Rhône | The Wine Of The Rhône, France

Boutinot Fide et Arte 'Les Coteaux Schisteux', Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages 2015

We source grapes for ‘Les Coteaux Schisteux’ ('slopes of schiste') from one single vineyard, an east-facing slope high in the rugged mountainous terroir of Séguret in the southern Rhône valley. This high altitude vineyard is so predominantly planted with Grenache Noir, intermingled only here and there with some Syrah, that it comes close to one of the purest expressions of Grenache Noir in this valley.

Here some of the vines are fifty years old, some even older, and their low yields suit a long cuvaison followed by long maturation in French oak barrels

A typically seductive Séguret sourced from a single high altitude vineyard. 'Les Coteaux Schisteux' 2015 is as smooth, supple and finely-toned as ever, with full-bodied ripe red fruit overlaid with oaky nuances and interwoven with the characteristic sweet spice of Grenache Noir.

Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages
Principally Grenache Noir with some Syrah from vines which are a minimum of 50 years of age.
‘Les Turcs’ is a single high-altitude vineyard with stony, argillaceous limestone terraces high above the schistous slopes of the village of Séguret. Here the grapes benefit from the morning sun and even ripening temperatures.
All the grapes are hand picked. Traditional long cuvaison using only wild ‘natural’ yeasts and remontages’ to release all the potential of the grapes and their skins.
22 months in French oak 228 litre barrels and 600 litre demi-muids.
13.5% vol 
Spring 2018 
Bottle Size
6x75cl, 6x150cl (limited edition magnum)
Boutinot Fide et Arte 'Les Coteaux Schisteux', Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages 2015