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Boutinot Rhône | The Wine Of The Rhône, France

The Boutinot Rhône wines are the epitome of our efforts in the Rhône. Each one bears our motto, ‘Fide et Arte’ – ‘Trust and Skill’ – and the distinctive Boutinot Bee, on its neck.

Why the bee symbol? Just as bees foraging busily for pollen are co-dependent on nature to create honey, at Boutinot we work tirelessly in harmony with the land to produce the best grapes, turning them into amazing wines that can be enjoyed for years to come.

At the heart of this range is our fantastic Côtes du Rhône Villages – a blend that includes wine from some of the best-named villages in the southern Rhône. Our top down approach, where some of our top wines are declassified to enrich the final blend, is unusual in the southern Rhône, but typical of high-end producers.

Alongside this great value red sits our light, fruity and aromatic Côtes du Rhône Rosé - fast becoming a favourite on restaurant wine lists - whilst a delicious, lightly oaked Côtes du Rhône Blanc completes the trio.

The premium blends include our hallmark Cairanne – a full-flavoured, rich red from this special village, which is soon to become a Cru in recognition of its quality and individuality – and a Séguret. Another stunning and richly textured red, this wine comes from one of the Rhône’s most picturesque villages, perched high on a mountainside, where vineyards at high altitude contribute to the wine’s unique character.

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