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Boutinot Rhône | The Wine Of The Rhône, France

Paris Gold for Domaine Boutinot Cru Cairanne 2016

Judges at the prestigious Paris Concours Général Agricole 2017 have awarded a Médaille d'Or (Gold Medal) to  Domaine Boutinot  for the quality of their Cairanne AOP from the 2016 vintage.


This award is the second impartial assessment of the quality of 2016 Cairanne AOP classified wine from Domaine Boutinot Rhône. Last month Rhône based Concours des Vins à Orange also awarded a Médaille d'Or for the domaine's 2016 Cairanne AOP. 

Considered a benchmark for all wine competitions in France, the Paris Concours Général Agricole, which started to assess wines in the late 1800's, is recognized for its impartiality. Judging procedures are rigorous, with samples collected randomly from each cellar and tasted by a panel of judges made up of sommeliers, oenologists, producers, representatives of wine-growers' unions or experienced consumers. 

Currently maturing slowly in barrel until the final assemblage is selected - destined for Les Six 2016 - this second Gold medal further suggests that cru classified Cairanne AOP 2016 from Domaine Boutinot Rhône will be highly sought after.