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Cairanne Cru - Official Announcement

YESTERDAY THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED CAIRANNE'S APPELLATION STATUS AS CRU. Following the eight year application process it is now confirmed that Cairanne is formally classified as Cru, making it the 9th Cru in the Southern Rhône, joining the ranks of respected Southern Rhône appellations such as Gigondas, Rasteau and Châteauneuf-du -Pape.  


Cru status will apply to qualifying wines from the 2015 vintage. From Boutinot Rhône's Fide et Arte range the 2015 vintage of  Les Six is likely to the first to be classified as Cairanne AOP, to be released in 2017/18. 

History of the Cairanne Appellation

1953: Cairanne granted Côtes du Rhône Cairanne status
1967: Cairanne becomes a 'named Village' under the appellation Côtes du Rhône Villages Cairanne
2008: Members of the Syndicat des Vignerons de Cairanne agreed to seek elevation to Cru status
2009: The INAO (Institut National des Appellations d’Origine) agrees to the application and a map defining the production area of the new Cru is drawn up
2013: First Cru map proposed (total production area of 878 hectares) 
2014 April : Following a public enquiry a 2nd map is presented (total production area 1087 hectares)
2014 April: 2nd map agreed by active members of the Syndicat des Vignerons du Cairanne in a 75% yes vote (98 votes, 73 yes)
2016 February: INAO confirms Cru status will be sanctioned from the 2015 vintage.   
2016 June 29th: INAO officially sanctions Cru status for Cairanne from the 2015 vintage. 

What does Cru mean?

When applied to the wines of the Southern Rhône 'Cru' appellation status is the highest possible as explained in the diagram below. Cairanne has moved from Côtes du Rhône Villages (named villages) to Cru status. To view the official document granting Cairanne Cru AOP status click here.

Southern Rhone Classification v2 Cru