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Boutinot Rhône | The Wine Of The Rhône, France


Our philosophy is very simple – to make great wines.

For us, that means wines which are ready to be enjoyed as soon as they’re released, but which will continue to develop character and flavour when kept for several years. Wines which are testimony to the sheer hard work, commitment, skill and passion which has gone into the making of each and every bottle.

There are times when a vintage can be really tough, but at Boutinot we enjoy the challenge of nature, working just as hard in difficult years as in good ones to make great wine. Unlike some producers, who tend to buy grapes from a single source, we prefer to stay flexible, taking grapes only from the best growers and vineyards at each vintage.

If we had to sum up our philosophy in one word it would be “drinkability “ – we want to create wines which are there to be savoured, and enjoyed, especially with food, and which aim to bring out the flavours of the ingredients, rather than overpower them. To us the test of a good wine is one which leaves you always craving another glass!

Boutinot Rhone Philosophy